Eng.º Rogério Dias          

Exerce funções na Direção de Serviços de  Energia Elétrica da DGEG.

Energia Elétrica da DGEG.

Algumas atividades desenvolvidas, na área da energia elétrica:

  • Representação da DGEG em comissões técnicas;
  • Representação de Portugal em comités europeus;
  • Elaboração de propostas regulamentares (componente técnica);
  • Participação em atos de licenciamento e fiscalização (serviço público, serviço particular)


Doutor João Pedro Barreto          

Joao P. Barreto holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Coimbra (UC), Portugal. He was a researcher in INRIA Rhone-Alpes, Grenoble, France, and a Post-Doctoral researcher in the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, before joining the UC as Professor in 2004. Joao is an acknowledged expert in camera modeling and multi-view 3D reconstruction, being the author of more than 70 peer-reviewed articles in the most prestigious journals and conferences in the field. He is also inventor in 5 international patents and led several research projects. During his academic career, Joao received several distinctions and awards including 5 “Best Reviewer Awards” in top computer vision conferences and a “Google Faculty Research Award” in 2013. He is currently Associate Editor in the journals “Computer Vision and Image Understanding”, “Image and Vision Computing” and “Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision”, and will be Area Chair for ECCV2018.

In the last few years Joao and his team devoted intense research to the problem of using geometric computer vision methods in endoscopic imagery while taking into account usability constraints in the OR. The success of this effort led to the foundation of Perceive3D, S.A. (P3D), a young company that offers innovative services and solutions for improving visualization and assisting the doctor during minimally invasive medical procedures. P3D has been recently considered a top innovative company by the European Community, and awarded with the prestigious and highly competitive SMEi Phase 2 funding.


Eng.º Paulo Pereira da Silva          

Headquartered in Lisbon, Paulo, always tried to know and understand the world from different perspectives. Having, at a young age, embarked on an inter-rail trip, he soon faced challenges that have taught him how to deal with different cultures and habits.

That was the stepping stone for graduate studies at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne where he studied Physics.

Fresh out of his graduation, Paulo thought his career would be around academia, something he always pursued.

The turning point was when he started working as an engineer at Renova’s production facility, working his way up to production director and then integrating Renova’s board. In 1994, he was nominated CEO and has turned the Portuguese company into a multinational enterprise.

As a consequence of his early travels, Paulo likes to surround himself with a globe so he can think like if he was anywhere in the world while having the notion of how small he is.

Paulo likes to explore the nexus between Physics and Metaphysiscs, and believes in Jesus as the person-god who has the anwser for the big questions.

On top of being a business leader, Paulo is a public speaker, counselor, mentor, published author and a Physisist.

Eng.º José Mota          

  • Licenciado em Engenharia Electrotécnica pela Universidade de Coimbra com uma pós graduação no ramo de energia. 
  • Elevado conhecimento na área da Iluminação, fruto da constante formação e da experiência profissional adquirida desde 2001.
  • Como Gestor, tem participado anualmente em clusters e grupos de trabalho na área da iluminação nos EUA e também na Europa.
  • Administrador da Lightenjin.
  • Membro da IES (Illuminating Engineering Society).
  • Membro da Ordem dos Engenheiros do Centro.
  • Membro do Clube dos 13.
  • Membro da Direção do Lighting Living Lab.